Do you have what it takes to do our Challenge!!!

Yes! We did!

They won the $450.00 Pot!

Our one and ONLY Winners!!! (so far...)

Wall of Fame



We changed the challenge.

Anyone who takes on this challenge better come hungry!

1 30" pizza, 2 people & 1 hour.

This is definitely not a challenge for the weak.

Eat your way through 30 inches of hand-tossed pizza topped

with two toppings you have to have 1 meat

plus a few pounds of cheese, and you'll earn your mark on our.

Wall of Fame And The Pot...

Fail the challenge and it's The Wall of Shame for you.

And you owe us for the pizza.

Don't forget, to wash it down!

Pictures will be posted right here on this page for everyone to see! 

Think you can conquer the 30" Pizza Challenge?

Give us a call to take the challenge!


Can you do it,

or are you yellow?

Wall of Shame

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